Monday, August 30, 2010

Flood Evacuation Plan

Just in case a flood happens you will need to keep calm and have an evacuation plan for you and your family to learn.

First Make sure everyone knows the emergency phone numbers and when to call them,
Second Learn the quickest and safest way from your home or school to high ground.
Third Make sure you have organised housing for you and your family if you need to evacuate your home,
Fourth Make sure everyone in your family knows some pre-arranged meeting places and phone numbers just in case they get separated,
Fifth Teach everyone in the family how to turn off the gas, electricity and water mains.


Anonymous said...

That's a really good plan for when you're at home.

I used to live in the mountains in Colorado, where we had something called flash-floods - this happens when even a small rainfall gets concentrated into a single mountain stream and produces a 2-3 meter tall "wall" of water that simply flushes anything in the way. There are warning signs around that tell you (in some places) that in case of rain, you should just leave your car and climb up quickly!


Mrs Corban - Johnsonville said...

You must have has a lot of good class discussions to come up with that process Luana. Well done.

Lana Rm 2 said...

Hey Luana ..
You are so keen about looking after the community by giving us an evacuation plan when a flood occurs ..
Keep up the good piece of writing ..

Lana ..
Peace ..