Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tamaki takes Eastern Zone League.

Tamaki takes Eastern Zone League.
Tamaki Intermediate's three rugby league teams played their hearts out to secure three places in the finals series to be held at Cornwall Park on September 22nd. To view team results and photos go to the Auckland Rugby League Website.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tonga Trip - Tuesday 21 July 2009

Liuaki has written a recount of Day 2 of our trip to Tonga.
"On Day 2 the kids and adults had to get up by 7:30am, brush their teeth, have a shower, get dressed into mufti, clean their sleeping area and have breakfast..."
To read the rest, click through the slides on the slideshare below.

Our flight to Tonga

Monday 20th July 2009

Today was the first day of our big adventure to Tonga. 20 Tamaki Intermediate students were about to leave NZ for two weeks. Some of us were very anxious because it was the first time some students had been on a plane and for others it was the first time they had ever left New Zealand.
We all had to be at the airport by 5.30am. Everyone got there in time to weigh their bags and check in. It was exciting that we were going to Tonga but not so exciting leaving our families behind. The airline was not prepared for us so we took longer than we should have to get checked in. We said a “teary-eyed” goodbye to our loved ones and it was time to get on the plane and go.
Before getting on the plane we went through a security scan to make sure we had nothing dangerous in our bags. After the security scan we went and did our boarding passes and then went straight on the plane to find our seats and put our bags into the luggage locker.
It was time for the plane to go so as we got comfortable in our seats we started listening to music, watching movies or even playing games because we all had our own screens.
When we were twenty minutes away from Tonga the food was served and there were two meals to choose from >>> cereal, fruit salad and a drink or bacon and pancakes with maple syrup plus fruit salad and a muffin plus any kind of drink except alcohol (because we were to young).
After we ate the stewardess came around to pick up our rubbish and clean up a little because it was almost time to land. We were here! I could see the beautiful island of Tonga. Then we started to descend into a field with lots of coconut trees around it. Oh no what’s going on? I turned and asked Miss Samson (who started to laugh at me), she said “Have another look Faye”. That’s when we all realised it was the airport and that it was concrete underneath us. Whew, we were really worried about that.
The plane finally landed. When we got off it was so hot it was like the air we were breathing was suffocating us especially waiting in line for ages to get our passports verified and to be allowed to enter Tonga officially. When we finished getting our passports verified we picked up our bags and put them on the bus.

Room 2