Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Two Merge or Not Two Merge

None of us liked the idea of NZ combining with Australia because we are different. We have our own sports teams, history and culture.

What are we going to call our rugby team? The Wallaby Blacks or The All Wallabies? Will we be combining the NZ colours of black and silver with green and gold? That would look wierd.

NZ people think and act differently to other people in the world. On a lot of websites NZ is in the top 5 of the safest countries in the world. Australia isn't even in the top 10. If we combine with them we'll lose that rank.

NZ and Australia have their own animals, histories and cultures. They celebrate the Aborigine people. We celebrate the Maori people. They have the emu. We have the kiwi.

We are different. We should stay the way we are so we can keep celebrating those different things. Waitangi Day or Australia Day? We think Waitangi Day is better.

United States of New Zealand

For reading our group looked at a newspaper article from the New Zealand Herald. The title was:

Australia and NZ merger 'inevitable'.

The article was about Australia and NZ combining together. A research group asked NZ people and Australian people if they like the idea of NZ becoming a state of Australia. We came up with the name USA (United States of Australia) for the new country. Our teacher said that name was taken, so we thought a better name would be USNZ. The United States of NZ.

Room 8 Students